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Winston Bazoomies

Winston BazoomiesWinston was there from the beginning, and I toured with him for many years.  As time went by Mr. Bazoomies who spoke five languages got a little bit strange.  He took to a diet of ciggies and milk in enormous quantities.  We would stop at the Watford Gap Services and he would steal enough of those little containers of milk for your coffee to fill a pint glass, just to get his fix. He is also the only person I have ever met who could sleep smoke.  He would smoke about 7 ciggies through the night without waking up.  We would just watch with amazement and piss ourselves laughing. 

He also pioneered the plastic Elvis wig look that sadly never quiet took off.  Winston wore this thing day and night, on the plane or in the bus.  He was very dedicated.  I don't have many pictures of him, sadly this is the only one of the wig, although I have a video of us in Spain playing live to 20,000 people for the Basque Separatist Movement.....Our agent did not tell us until we got there about this one, 10 year old kids with 9mm handguns.  Winston was great at this show and it was televised with Desmond Decker.  I hope to release this to people soon.

Bad Manners TicketAs touring progressed Winston became a little stranger, pouring milk into monitors on stage and just shuffling around with a cowbell.  Some of the best memories I have of him are trying to find the right harmonica for songs.  He would place them in different pockets based upon his guessing of the set order.  Bad Manners never had a set list on stage, so we never knew what song was coming next.  So Winston might have a harmonica in his breast pocket, thinking that song five was going to be Lorraine, Fatty would call out "Just a feeling".  Well, this harmonica was in pocket 9 back of his trousers.  He would frantically search through other pockets and play brief notes on an assortment of harps until he found the right key.  This was brilliant to watch.  I honestly think the band had more fun on stage than the audience.  There would be all sorts of crap going on; including sabotage of the brass instruments........later I will explain. 

One day the men in white coats arrived at Winston's door and took him away.  He is now resting in the Bad Manners Retirement Home, a kind of Chelsea Pensioners place without the nice red coat and small cottage, but plenty of tabs and free flowing milk.

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