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The History of Bad Manners

Bigger business…

Live Saffron WaldenIn letting the hotel go, Buster could free up his attention and concentrate on that factor that he has always done best - MUSIC !

1997 and 1998 saw the release of two versions of the new Louis Cook-led album. Don't Knock the Bald Heads and Heavy Petting promoted by MoonSKA Europe, USA and Pork Pie records. The albums represented completely new material and other recent tracks such as FEEL LIKE JUMPIN' and LAGER DELERIUM. Of special interest were the spoof versions of BLACK NIGHT and RED RIVER SKA, as well as well-penned Cook originals including Down Bury Wood and Heavy Pettin' itself.

All the tracks were beautifully mixed and contained well-assembled brass, harmonica, rhythm, keyboards and extras including Hawaiian steel guitar !

Of special interest on the vocal take was the appearance of Louis' French girlfriend and her twin sister.

Buster also moved into management and agency work. It was here that the Matt Godwin "Pike"band began to consider a new generation of theme albums linked to all manner of Hollywood and other genres. Buster intended the band to record a Western album, a Sci-Fi album and so on, until contractual difficulties got in the way. In 2001, they were overcome and Bad Manners began recording two important sets of albums.

Firstly, the band's current line-up re-recorded every single ever released ! These have started to be issued in CD Album format known as the 25 Years of being BAD series and the first album was released in Autumn 2001.

Secondly, always with an eye on the trends and with a talent for spoofing them to a nicely Mannered texture, Bad Manners will soon release a loungecore album based on the works of the Rat Pack, Andy Williams and many other crooners who have recently made it back to the top of the charts. Robbie Williams has much to be thanked for !

Millennium Manners…

British SkaIn the first years of the 21st Century, Bad Manners have settled once again into what they do best - gigs. Not that Buster and co. ever stopped but at times he can be distracted ! In 2000 AD, he stood as the SKA candidate for Mayor of London on a non-political ticket, (Buster has always remained above politics aside from his Anti-Prejudice campaigns and views). His campaign was sensational but owing to the outrageous cost of the deposit (£10,000) he withdrew from the race, advising his supporters to vote with their consciences- ie vote for KEN LIVINGSTONE to stop the New Labour stooge from winning. This is this writer's view, not the view of Buster.

The band also issued the Millennium Knees-Up to mark the year 2000/2001. This CD included an absolutely brilliant medley of pro-British football sounds that any England fan will like, sung to the tunes of The Great Escape, March of the Mods and Come on Eileen !

What is the current 'typical' round of life like in Bad Manners ?

Hectic and there have been changes ! Louis Cook left for France in 1998. Dave Turner who is a busy school teacher took a break for 14 months owing to relocations to the East Midlands. Matt Godwin left the band permanently in 1998 and his replacement manager/fixer Tony also parted company by early 2000 to work in the Millennium Dome.

The current line up of the band has settled again, back to the steady and solid ways that Bad Manners prefer. The gigging is permanent and the band could work 365 nights a year, 24/7 if it wanted. Every region of the UK and the world wants Bad Manners. Buster has been called a fat bastard in over 100 languages to date !

After the London political contest, the band went to Argentina, Dubai, Bahrain and many other international spots before returning to sexy old Europe again to take their place on the familiar, brilliant live circuit they have dominated for almost thirty years!Dance Craze

With the band playing at their best ever, with Fatty in charge, with a rock-solid rhythm section, with an ass-kicking brass sound, with a tempestuous keyboard backdrop, a mean harmonica and with the finest SKA guitar in the world, Bad Manners are back on top of the SKA world, where they have always belonged. No one can touch us live.

Bad Manners current line-up appearing at a venue near you at any time this year !


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