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Tour Pass 93The morning after serving the members of Bad Manners tea at Backstreet Studios in London I became their Drummer. It was after a long day of making tea and listening to a bunch of wankers that I asked Buster for a go. After playing three Bad Manners songs Buster handed me a tape with 35 songs on it and said "be ready tomorrow, you have your first gig". We played the Bulldog Bash in Derbyshire, in front of about 20,000 bikers. Buster produced a bottle of Pils lager from his arse, and at that moment I knew then this was the start of something very special. I toured for years, loving several minutes of it...Actually truth be known they were some of the best years of my life. Bad Manners are truly a touring band of the highest calibre; touring the old fashioned way, on a stinking bus. I owe Doug a lot...well, come to think of it I think he still owe's me! Our tours were filled with fun and disaster on a daily basis. From the continual flat tires to the theft of the bus in Holland, it was enough to make you bald overnight. Just take a look at Buster. I liken Bad Manners to Dad's Army and the British mentality of, "we'll get there eventually". Pearl DrumsWe never missed a single show even though we had many reasons to. The shows were always mad and the fans were by far the best fans any band could want. After seeing us people would leave their jobs to join the band, and they did not even play an instrument, they simply wanted to be a part of our raw and crazy lifestyle. Russell Winn, our drinks monitor, a kind of older milk monitor toured with us for years. Russell was in charge of making sure the band drank enough before during and after gigs. He was also a talented thief. He could walk out of any truck stop in the USA with a television...going back twice, once for an arial and again for the adaptor. Russell now works as an embalmer, scary thought.

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