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Steve - Fri Dec 02, 2011 @ 01:50PM
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christmas.jpgBad Manners British Christmas Tour 2012

The Fat Bastard Himself, Buster Bloodvessel and the Legendary Bad Manners hit the road for their Traditional British Christmas Tour.

Don’t miss your chance to see the Fat Man himself!

Have a You fat Bastard Christmas with Bad Manners, what a way to start end the year…….Lip Up Fatty, The Can Can, Special Brew, Walkin in the Sunshine, Ne Ne Na Na Nu Nu…..The hits go on and on………

Wednesday 12th December - My Kyps - Poole

Friday 14nd DecemberThe Assembly – Leamington Spa

Saturday 15th DecemberPicturedome – Holmfirth UK

Sunday 16th DecemberConcorde 2 – Brighton UK

Wednesday 19th DecemberThe Globe  – Cardiff UK

Thursday 20th DecemberWaterfront – Norwich UK

Friday 21nd December229 – London UK

Saturday 22rd DecemberNQ Live - Formerly MOHO Live – Manchester UK

Wednesday 26th December The Fleece – Bristol UK

Thursday 27th DecemberHoults Yard – Newcastle Upon Tyne UK

Sunday 30th December – The Subscription Rooms - Glouster UK

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BadMannersAUNZSM.jpgTroubadour Music Australia presents...



The Fat Bastard Himself, Buster Bloodvessel and the Legendary Bad Manners hit Down Under Australia for a New Year’s Tour.

Only several shows, don’t miss your chance to see the Fat Man himself!

Ring in the New Year with Bad Manners, what a way to start the year…….Lip Up Fatty, The Can Can, Special Brew, Walkin in the Sunshine, Ne Ne Na Na Nu Nu…..The hits go on and on………


Saturday 31st December 2011 – Civic Hotel – Perth WA –

Sunday 1st January 2012 – Newport Hotel – Freemantle -

Monday 2nd January 2012 – Jan-Governer Hindmarsh – Adelaide –

Tuesday 3rd January 2012 – National Hotel – Geelong –

Wednesday 4th January 20124th January 2012 – East Brunswick Club – Melbourne –

Thursday 5th January 2012 – Metro Theatre – Sydney –

Friday 6th January 2012 – The Hi-Fi – Brisbane –

Saturday 7th January 2012 - The Kings Arms Tavern - Auckland NZ -

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Bad Manners T Shirts.jpgBad Manners to hit Kansas City this week, obviously I am excited to see my old mates.  With that in mind, here is some footage from The Belly Up Tavern in San Diego CA, For those who were on the crest of the 3rd wave of SKA you may recognize the bass player Mr. David “ROBBO” Wiens of Let’s Go Bowling fame.

Dave played trombone in Let’s Go Bowling, who are this month celebrating the LGB 25th Anniversary Party on Friday, May 20 at 9:00pm at Fulton 55, 875 Divisadero Fresno, CA.  If you have never seen them, it’s worth the trip out there, an amazing band who opened up for Bad Manners many times on many tours.

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Steve - Fri May 06, 2011 @ 08:57AM
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BuyBadMannersSkaShirts.jpgSCHEDULING CHANGE!! Bad Manners will be playing CHICAGO @ Lincoln Hall this coming MONDAY, May 9 (NOT on Thursday as previously scheduled). Unfortunately due to a death in the Bad Manners family, we are forced to cancel the Ferndale, MI & Columbus, OH shows. Thank you for your understanding.

Check Shecdule Updates by Clicking the Link

Show Updates

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Steve - Wed Apr 27, 2011 @ 05:07PM
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"The Alternative Royal Wedding Tour"

Live in Kansas City at the Crosstown Station and across the USA, Do Not Miss this Legendary Ska band Bad Manners from the UK.

My old mate Buster Bloodvessel is in town on the 14th May 2011 at the Crosstown Station in Downtown Kansas City.  It is one stop on a tour of about 50 across the USA and Canada.

Bad Manners have been touring since 1976, when all the other bands hung it up, The Manners went on touring.  In my day in the band, we would on average perform 260 shows a year in 40 countries.  I believe this is still the case.  Come and see the True Godfather of SKA........THIS IS SKA!

For Show Dates  Click Here
The Crosstown Station Tickets and Showtimes

The History of Bad far.

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Steve - Wed Nov 24, 2010 @ 05:20AM
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Just one day on tour.......

Bad Manners Tour PassBeing in Bad Manners was anything but normal.  I truly think that if it was not for the band, most of the guys in would be in prison, many have visited institutions.  During “time served” in Bad Manners, eventually “let out for good behavior,”  we had many adventures.  Most of them were brilliant, you tend to forget the bullshit, and there was plenty of it.  One short story to start off with was the show in Columbia Missouri, back in 1993.  We had been on a grueling tour, small bus, cheap hotels, 56 shows in 62 days, 54 States, several states added due to alcohol, drugs, and other mind altering states, bad food, drinking, all the trappings of a British touring SKA band. 

Playing shows in the big cities meant we stayed normally on the edge of town, this was due to the high prices of being downtown and normally a cheap skate promoter squeezing every penny out of the band.  We always found ourselves staying in some dodgy motel, like Motel 8, Motel 6, Econo Lodge……….you can already see we were on a sliding scale.  We were actually banned from Motel 8 Nationwide, of which we were extremely proud, but that’s another story.   On arrival at a motel, you always tried to pair off with a band mate, someone that had similar levels of hygiene as you, basic morals, compatible habits, etc.   

We would then head to the front desk where the road manager would be signing in, basically Dion would putting his financial future on the line for the band.  We would grab keys and disappear, leaving him to wonder who was where and with whom.  I normally paired off with John “Northern” Thompson, who now plays for Selector.  John and I roomed for years together, he got used to all my habits, he did not have any, it was like rooming with John Shuttleworth

I at all cost tried to avoid Alex “Rasta” Arundel who snored so loud, and thenMatt with ciggies up nose and getting a hair cut there was Matt “who may use your bed as a urinal” Godwin.  Matt on occasion (many) had been soooooooooo fucked up that he had just woken up in the middle of the night and just pissed in the opposite bed, that was generally occupied by a band member and a female.  Rooming with Matt defiantly made “Golden Slumbers” a reality. 

Once settled in the room, the phones would start ringing from room to room, “what you doing”  “where we going” “food” “beer” “no free porn”……….DION!

We had road managers and drivers of the bus, but when we landed at a motel, they wanted to sleep, which meant we had no transport to get around, which meant we found the nearest liquor store and sat in our rooms, watched porn and drank beer.

So, when we got to Columbia, it was a welcome relief from the big cities.  Columbia is a small college town half way between St. Louis and Kansas City, we loved small towns, easy to get around, normally good restaurants, bars and the ability to walk to them. 

The Bad Manners Band of 1993We were staying at the Comfort Inn 2904 Clark Lane, I remember heading out down town Columbia, finding a cool coffee shop right next to the Blue Note, where we were playing that night.  Normally people just go their own direction when we hit town, we are on a bus so much together that any chance for some space and peace is welcome.  We were to meet at the venue for sound check around 4:00PM.  As per usual I was right on time with John, Dion, Dave and Erik.  We had a gut on guitar this tour called John Monahan, biggest NY Irish drunk, he was pissed morning, noon and night.  Today was Johns birthday, so he was going to get really drunk….oh wait he did that yesterday and the day before, and the 50 days before that. 

We set up and did the soundcheck, line checking the horns as they were not to be found and overtime relied on the rhythm section to make sure they were turned on.  Between soundcheck and Gig time was always a strange time, what do you do, we always had a ton of people who wanted to come back stage and party, they had not seen us in a while, but we partied last night and the night before and the 50 nights before that as well.  We would just sit around and drink, take the piss out of each other, audience members would come in and we would sign pieces of paper, t-shirts and body parts.  I often wonder if those people ever washed again?

Show time would inevitably grow closer, there was always a building of My old Tour Jacketexcitement, even though we had done this hundreds of times, you cannot describe the feeling of the clock ticking down to show time.  You would hear random shouts of “let’s go” and “free up the herb Dougie “ let the herb breathe, ” Matt would be walking around looking for the whiskey or tequila, already half cut.  Matt had several brilliant habits, one of which was waving a piece of string in the air furiously, he would do this every day, and actually packed pieces of string in his tour bag, cut to the perfect length.    If we had a 50 date tour of the USA, he would have 50 pieces of string, one for each day.

He also had for a while a pebble polishing kit where he would find pebbles and polish them on the bus.  He would then put them in his pocket and literally play with them all the time, just jiggling them around, it was nerves.  When they lost their shine, he would find several new ones and repeat the process.    

Show time was on, we always had this chant we did before each and every show, a sort of Bad Manners HAKA.  It was devised by the legendary harmonica player Winston Bazoomies.  After this was done it was straight on stage, I loved hitting the stage, Ska shows are brilliant.  The fans are the best world over, and if you can’t dance to Ska, you don’t deserve legs.    Every show, minus the ones where there were riots were brilliant.

During the show Buster invited the audience back to the Comfort Inn, room 206 for a party.  Room 206 was Erik & Matt’s room.  We actually did not think anyone would really show up, until we were back at the hotel.  I remember hearing voices, many voices and car doors slamming.  Around 200 people showed up to party at Matt’s room, this was a problem as he only had a small room. 

By this time Matt was very drunk and wanted everyone to leave his room, that was by now standing room only.  Also Erik had gotten a call from the front desk informing him that they would be charging $5 per person sleepover rate.  Matt decided that the only thing left to do was give himself a golden shower, so he laid back on the bed, thought of England and proceeded to provide the crowd his version of the now famous Belagio fountain in Las Vegas, he then passed out  .  People excited Matts room rather quickly, many people now moved next door to Busters room, including Steve Ewing from the URGE, we all sat around and drank Southern Comfort.    People we just hanging in the halls, smoking and eventually all the fire alarms went off, alerting local fire and police, who promptly showed up and broke down Matts door as it was his alarm that went off, Matt did not wake up.

Meanwhile a girl was hitting on Buster, and her brother was pissed.  By now Erik Noise & Northern Johnmany people had been kicked out of the hotel and he could not get back in and felt his sister who was about 25 was being held hostage.  So he went around doing what you normally do in this situation and slashed a bunch of car tires in the car park, several of these tires included the ones on the Bad Manners bus.  It took us 15 hours to get to St. Louis the next day, a drive that is only two

Just one day on the road.........

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Steve - Thu Nov 11, 2010 @ 10:16AM
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12" PotboilerIt has been a month of finding old friends and footage, in the blog post below I talked about how I found my good friend Dave Rapella from Torrance CA.  Well in the past week I have tracked down the bass player from Bad Manners John “Northern” Thompson.  John and I go way back to a time when we were signed to Cherry Red Records with two other mates Dominic Silvani and Gavin Abbs.  We had a band called Penelope’s Web, or for football chanting purposes, “The Web.”   

1990/91: Penelope’s Web was a great band and a great time, we would rehearse at Backstreet Studios 313 Holloway Road, run by my good friend John Dalligan.  We would, or I would normally have to go and drag Dominic out of bed in those days, and after his cup of tea with about 16 sugars we would rehearse.   We had a patron in those days, his name was Robert, can’t remember his last name, strange chap, but really nice.  He would pay for things like studio, rehearsals and breakfast at the café. 

We rehearsed at Backstreet a lot in preparation for our first and what proved to Northern Monkey & Soft Souther Shandy Drinkerbe only gig at Wolves Polytechnic.  I have the show on tape, luckily it is great quality and preserves that one moment in time.  Dominic had/has a brilliant voice, a rich mix of unemployment and Eaton, to this day he is still unemployable, he always said he would be, Unemployable was to be the title of our first album. 

Below is a track called "Rags" from the Wolves Poly night, I have no photos of us together, would love some.

We also as a band had one opportunity to record at Woodbine Street Studios in Leamington Spa, under the direction of the brilliant John A. Rivers.

John was brilliant, we spent several days recording and playing footie in the park and sleeping in this strange little room, where we spent the best part of the night drunk and farting.  Woodbine Street was a great and fun experience, we were recording for Cherry Red Records, and John Rivers was excellent, he has produced many top name acts including The Specials, Fun Boy Three, Dead Can Dance & the late Nikki Sudden.

After the recording we just waited for the release of what was a 12” EP, for the kids, it means it plays on both sides.  Northern John wrote the b-side, a track called Low Sun, the a-side was a great track called Potboiler.  One track did not make the 12' called Political Nightmare, shame, great song. I have just one copy, but have seen it going on ebay for upwards of $50. that's 30 quid!

Buy Hooligan & Bad Manners ShirtsIn the past couple of years there has been a German record label called Firestation Records releasing what they call the "Sound of Leamington Spa." Penelopes Web is slated to be on one of the future releases, which is cool as it means the songs get heard by more than myself and my kids.

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Steve - Thu Nov 04, 2010 @ 05:19AM
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Buy Bad Manners T-ShirtsI recently tracked down an old friend who lived in Torrance.  Dave Rapella and I met back in 1991 in LA, he became a great friend, like a brother and in doing so came to many shows.  Over the next couple of years Dave videoed several shows in California and in England.  Dave wanted to visit the UK and promptly arrived one day, and hung out with myself and the Bad Manners band, videoing shows in Saffron Walden and Norwich and around London.  During Dave’s first trip to the UK he received the very sad news that his Mum had passed, it was terrible.  He was so far from home and we found it somewhat difficult to get him back.  I remember him hanging in my place on Wapping Wall in East London just do distraught.  Dave got home and we continued to stay in touch as best we could, in those days there was no email for Bad Manners drummers, and I suppose I was not in the habit of writing to large Skinhead men, so over time we drifted apart as mates.

Slowly we lost touch, Dave got divorced and moved away from LA.  I tried many times to find him, but no one knew where he was.  Thanks to the power of the internet and Facebook, we were recently re-united and he now only lives about 700 miles away in Colorado.  Though 20 years have almost past, Dave still kept hold of all the videos, tour passes and t-shirts from the old days, some of the few things he salvaged.  We recently spoke for the first time and he promised to send over the tapes, it was a matter of two weeks and I was looking at myself somewhat slimmer on stages all over the USA and UK. 

I now have around seven shows that I am slowly but surely putting on the web for all to see, but more importantly I am reconnecting people and friends who were on the stage that night.  That box of tapes is a great opportunity to bring together old band mates, for them to share thier slightly sordid past with their kids one day, and for people who were there to be reminded of one great night they had probably forgotten about.

The first was the Troubadour back in 1995, great show featuring Buster Bloodvessel, Matt Godwin, Alex Arundell, Dave “Essex” Welton, Erik “Super Deluxe” Noyes, Dave “Big Trombone” Wiens, Scott on guitar(can’t remember his last name, help) myself Steve Oldham on Drums and obviously behind the camera Dave Rapella.

I just started looking at the show from the Coach House in Orange County, this show was played several hours after Buster found out his Father had died.  It was by far the strangest show we have ever played, a kind of Bad manners in Las Vegas….more to come.

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Jake - Fri Sep 24, 2010 @ 11:51AM
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Even though i t's been a flipping chore to write this thing, I'm left wanting to say a little more and wrap it all up. I hope the 2 people reading this blog don't mind.

My top 5 Bad Manners shows of the tour:

  1. Los Angeles
  2. New York
  3. Atlanta
  4. D.C.
  5. Chicago

Top 5 Bad Manners tour memories:

  1. Buster telling stories on the RV
  2. Buster telling stories backstage
  3. Austin, city of romance
  4. The blowout in RI
  5. Singing onstage with the Beat in Austin

HOB Hollywood, CA 9/5/10

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Jake - Sun Sep 19, 2010 @ 10:52PM
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Los Angeles California, September 5th:

Finally, the day I've been counting down to for over a week is here. We're back in California! The tour started in LA, but we aren't playing the Cali dates until the end. Bad Manners is the headliner for the final four shows, and this leg is like a separate mini-tour. We even have new laminates. Austin was the last show with The Beat & Chris Murray and the Tucson show was just a palate cleanser. I am overjoyed when we roll up to my house at about noon. A couple of the out of town guys jump off with me to shower and relax before the show. It's cool to be able return the favor to Matt, who put some of us up in NYC, as well as to Pablo, who took care of us in Charm City. Matt and Johnny got to spend several nights in their own beds when we passed through New York, and Pablo got the same in Baltimore. I envied them at the time, and now it's my turn to be that guy. Passing through your hometown on tour is a good thing, but different for me. I'm used to just coming home to no more shows. We've still got four gigs and thousands of miles to cover over the next 5 days. Still the luxury of being able to take the first shower and pick out some fresh clothes is bloody (See Doug, I'm talking English!) exhilarating. This shirt doesn't smell like the RV. And best of all, speaking of the Bounder (and in full appreciation of her faithful service), here's the best part: I'm driving my own car for the rest of the tour! My 3-yr old, reliable, non-stinky AIR-CONDITIONED whip. No more RV. Can I get an amen? A drive up to the Sunset Strip and it's load-in and soundcheck time. Tonight's show is huge - we're headlining one of the "big" rooms, the House of Blues. of the 600-800 seat venues in LA, HOB is arguably the nicest to play. I've seen so many great shows here - Killing Joke, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Lee "Scratch" Perry to name a few. It's pretty fancy. And now that we're the headliner, we get the first, longest soundcheck and the nice dressing room and plenty of eats and beer. It's like we won the ska lottery. God love 'em, but The Beat are no longer in the picture, and we're finally getting some respect. The dressing room is nicer than we've had this tour, and the staff is really nice to us. No one's yelling. I'm fucking giddy. The scene in the dressing room is mad - full of friends, associates and well-wishers. People like Haydee, Justin's friend Greg, Yossi, and motherfucking Cheeseburger!

Cheesy and Jake, HOB 9/5/10

Cheesy, tour manager Big Mike and I played in a hardcore band called Thretning Verse a few years back. Since then, he's drummed and roadied for Bad Manners. And also got married and had a son. It's great to see my boy again, like I've completed a cycle and we're connected again And my connection with music is strong like it was when we were jamming. Very nice.

This night is huge: Hometown show, all my people will be there, and the buzz is good. We've got two excellent local ska/reggae bands on support, Kingston a Go Go and Viernes 13. It's Labor Day Sunday, which is kind of a weird day for shows. People don't have to work the next day, but it's also a weekend to get out of town. Will we fill the place up? If you weren't there, I won't keep you in suspense: Packed. The. Fuck. Out. Both support bands are good and the crowd's ready when we hit the stage. It's been a long time since I played a show this big in LA. We play a great show, all really excited to be in front of such a large enthusiastic crowd. Afterwards is just a blur of friends, drinks and finally, crashing in my own bed.

San Diego California, September 6th:

Driving down to San Diego with Jonny and Pablo - the sun roof is open, it's gorgeous out, and it feels like we're on vacation, not tour. We make great time and grab a bite before the RV arrives with the rest of the gang. The venue, Sound Wave, is right on the beach. It's part of an artificial wave attraction, Wave House. Pablo and Jonny swear they're gonna surf, and they actually do. Or try to. Pablo is surprisingly athletic in the water and does better than Jonny, but I have to hand it to both of them for subjecting themselves to ridicule by the non-surfing members. Here's a video:

The club sets a full dinner table for us, and for the first time this tour, we all sit together and eat like a family.

Family Dinner

Clockwise from Buster you have: Justino, Lee, Jonny, Josue, Big Mike, German, Matt, Haydee and me. Pablo was elsewhere.

The crowd's a little light, but very into it. A bunch of folks came up from Tijuana to see us, God bless 'em! We were supposed to play a show later in TJ after the Sound Wave show, but it fell through. That's how amazingly cool and dedicated the TJ skins are. Cross de border! Anyways, we give a good accounting of ourselves and the fans enjoy it. My friend Alan comes through and we catch up for a bit. Buster and Pablo head off to TJ for the usual debauchery, but I elect to drive home and get some sleep. Not to wash my vagina, as Pablo claims.

Pomona California, September 7th:

Pomona's a town in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. It's East of LA and North of OC. Lots of music around here and many many punks, skins, mods and other people with funny haircuts. The venue is Angelo's Pizzeria. It's a small (really too small for BM) place, but the promoter Gonzo is such a cool guy from way back, we know it's gonna work out. Getting the 8 members of Bad Manners onto the small stage is a challenge. Lee accidentally steps on my pedals a few times, then I think he decides it sounds cool and does it on purpose a few more times. All in fun. I've been making Matt crack up during instrumentals by standing too close and making faces at him. Now he's wise to me and has learned to kick me away as I approach. It was fun while it lasted. Another good show, and a quick 30-minute drive has me home. Home! So sweet. We're almost done!

San Francisco California, September 8th:

Keeping to my sworn oath never to ride in the RV again, I drive up to SF with Matt. He drives the last 2 hours and we even have enough time to hit Great Wall Chinese Vegetarian and Seafood restaurant in Oakland. Yum. It's weird for the tour to end here, in my hometown. I'm an LA boy now, and was born there, but I was raised in the East Bay and moved to SF when I struck out on my own. Most of my family's up here, and they're all coming: 2 brothers, mom, dad and stepmom. Exciting but nervewracking. I wander off by myself after soundcheck, and hit up a vegan Vietnamese place I've heard about. For the 1st time in a month, I'm actually cold. Good old SF fog!

The venue tonight is the Red Devil Lounge, on Polk Street. Bay Area ska legends Undercover S.K.A. are the support act and they're really good. In honor of Rosh Ha Shana, the Jewish New Year, which is tonight, they do some klezmer/ska, which rocks so hard. Makes me proud to be a ska-loving Jewboy from Berkeley. After a rousing warm-up backstage, we're ready to put this tour to bed with a bang. Instead of the usual "Good evening!" they get "happy fucking New Year!" The crowd is really into it, and so are we. Knowing we don't have to drive 12 hours to the next gig means we can put our all into the last performance, and we do. Brilliant show. We play ALL the songs, including the full 3-song encore of "Baldheads," "Do Nothing" and "Can Can." Then it's over.

After the show we all relax and party for a while. Then it's time for the RV crew to head back to LA. People have flights the next day. I'm staying to visit my family for a few days, so I'll be saying my goodbyes tonight. Matt and Jonny are off to NYC. Buster and Lee head back to London. Pablo's sticking around LA for a bit, so I'll see him on the weekend. Justino and Josue are LA guys, so I'll see them, as well as Big Mike and German. I feel great - we did it, and we did it well. 24 shows in 30 days. Across the USA and back. At the same time, I'm more than a little choked up. I'll even miss that stupid RV! Doing a tour is a little like doing a tour of duty - think "Platoon." There's lots of hardships and bad food, lack of sleep and a lot of sitting around waiting for 45 minutes of action. Probably belaboring the metaphor, but what I'm trying to say is that you bond. You spend so much time together and you play music - even the cats I already know, I feel closer to them. I have a nice warm fuzzy moment with Buster - he tells me some very encouraging and insightful things about my playing and how to improve it. We have a nice long man-clinch. I thought my skin was soft. The man is full of surprises. I load all my gear into my own car, and sit in it feeling bitter-sweet, waiting for the RV to pull away and turn the corner, just like in a movie. Since it's a Bad Manners movie, I get tired of wating for them. It's drizzling as I drive off into the night, my ears ringing from tonight's show. In my minds eye, I can see the RV pulling away from the curb and slowly making the right turn onto Polk, and it's perfect.


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